MQB Turbo Muffler Delete

  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee | IN STOCK


• Larger 52mm Inside Diameter
• Increased Turbo Sound
• Fast and Reversible Install


The ARM Motorsports MQB Turbo Muffler delete is the best option to get more sound out of your turbo. The OEM Turbo Muffler includes vents to reduce the noise of the turbo to cater to the average consumer. The ARM Motorsports Turbo Muffler Delete fixes that issue by being solid all the way through and includes a larger 52mm inner diameter compared to The OEM Turbo Muffler's 46mm inner diameter to allow more air to flow through.


The ARM Motorsports Turbo Muffler Delete is constructed out of T6061 Aluminum. The Turbo Muffler Delete is solid all of the way through to create the perfect turbo sound without venting like the OEM Turbo Muffler. The OEM Turbo Muffler has an inner diameter of 46mm, while our Turbo Muffler Delete has a 52mm inner diameter.


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