Thank you for ordering an ARM Charge Pipe for your E-Series BMW!  This Install Guide will help you make the installation quick and easy.  



STEP 1: Remove the intake system.  Whether you have an upgraded intake or stock airbox, removal of the stock airbox is necessary to access the charge pipe.  

STEP 2: Install the included O-ring into the charge pipe's throttle body connection.

N54 Charge Pipe Install

STEP 3: Tighten any unused meth bungs with the included caps. 

N54 Charge Pipe Install

STEP 4: Remove the OEM C-clip from the OEM Charge Pipe and install it onto the ARM Charge Pipe.

STEP 5: Remove the OEM MAP sensor from the OEM Charge Pipe and install it onto the ARM Charge Pipe using the included Hex screws.

STEP 6: If reusing the OEM lower intercooler piping you will want to use the included reducer coupler.  If you have the ARM Hose Upgrade, you will not need to use the reducer coupler included with the Charge Pipe Kit, the Charge Pipe will connect directly to the Hose Upgrade.  In either case, make sure to install the clamp onto the coupler before installing the charge pipe into the coupler.

STEP 7: (N55 Skip This Step) Use the included Inlet Caps and clamps to seal off the recirculating connection on the OEM inlets. 

STEP 8: Lubricate the throttle body O-ring with a dab of engine oil before installing, then install the Charge Pipe to the throttle body. 

STEP 9: Reconnect the MAP Sensor. 

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