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ARM Motorsports is proud to represent ACE Speed Lab, a division of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. ACE specializes in making your car go faster through state of the art wind tunnel testing technology.

So what does aero design effect on your car? The answer is simple, Everything! As wind moves over your vehicle it creates forces effecting every aspect of performance including acceleration, braking, and handling.

The good news is that this force can be manipulated and used to increase your cars performance and lap times. ACE has the tools and the skills to help test and adjust your cars aerodynamics and use the power of air to your advantage. ARM Motorsports offers full service programs including transportation, tech assistance, and discounted rates to make your ACE experience effective and efficient.

Races are won and lost in fractions of a second. By reducing drag and increasing downforce in the proper areas you can improve the balance of your car and get those extra few seconds that can put you in 1st. Can you afford to leave time on the table?

For more information or to apply for the program contact us at getarmed@armmotorsports.com or 213.434.7361, and visit ACE Speed Lab for more details.